Credit Card Processing for Small Business

Starting a small business is an exciting endeavor! While it requires hard work and long hours, the people you meet along the way make the pursuit so very worth it. We’re very thankful for the partnerships and friendships we’ve formed over our 20 years in business and hope that we can help other owners grow their small business.

Your Financial Partner

The road ahead can seem overwhelming as a small business owner, but know that you do not have to go at it alone! Having a community to turn to with your questions regarding sales, hiring, financials, etc. is essential! At Cynergy Data Texas, we break down the credit card processing industry for you in a way that you can understand, no previous knowledge required. We want to be your financial partner — meaning we only succeed if you do!

No Phone Trees

With so many things to do, people to meet and product to sell — you don’t have time to be left on hold! That’s why we employee real people to answer the phone and help you out. More than that, our door is always open if you’re someone who values face to face communication or simply wants to meet the team!

No Contracts

We’ve heard stories of other merchant service companies luring customers in with tempting, too good to be true offers. You may start at one rate, but the fine print most likely reflects something much different after the introductory period has passed. At Cynergy Data Texas, we have vowed not to offer contracts. If we can offer you a better rate than a competitor, we will. If we can’t offer you a better rate, we’ll let you know right up front!

Community Involvement

If you’re a current client of ours, you know that community involvement is extremely important to us. Not only do we give our time and money to area nonprofit organizations, but we’re avid supporters of local small businesses as well! We believe that if we’re going to sell to a community — we should serve it as well.

If you’re a small business owner in search of their last credit card processor, give us a call at 512-250-2380! You don’t have to be local to Round Rock to work with us — just willing to talk to real people!

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