Invoice Payment Link Helps You Get Paid Fast

Invoicing is hugely important for a lot of small businesses. That’s how they get paid every day. No wonder for the very beginning, our Invoicing feature is one of the most successful innovations on Unmerchant platform.

Invoicing is no doubt a significant business operation in itself. From the speed of creating a new invoice to presenting it to a customer, and then to get it actually paid. It takes a full-time role to handle it all in some more prominent firms. Sometimes a whole department. Even an entire building. That’s how vital Invoicing is.

Hundreds of software companies try to tackle the invoicing conundrum, adding more complexity to the diverse software zoo which is your small business operation these days. Also, don’t forget the extra cost involved. Usually, you have to pay for software and then a full price of payment processing on top of it.

On the opposite side, we have a strong opinion that Invoicing should be a simple and highly integrated part of the small business payment suit, which should be easy to use and bear no extra cost for the business owner. Moreover, of course, the payment fees are as low as ever with Unmerchant, them being 30% to 50% lower than offered by Stripe which is a popular payment provider for many invoicing solutions on the market.

With the latest updates to PaymentNinja Invoicing rolled out this week, let me show how you can create an invoice, send it to a customer and get it paid, all effortlessly and literally in a matter of seconds.

Send a new invoice

  1. Open the Invoicing screen from the main menu.
  2. As already customary with any PaymentNinja action, click the big blue button called Send Invoice on the top right of the screen. The new invoice form will appear, like above.
  3. Look up the customer from your customer base by name or email.
  4. Enter a brief invoice description and a payment due date.
  5. Then please fill-in your items, quantity and their price.
  6. Enter an applicable Tax rate if necessary.
  7. Check that all is correct and hit Send Invoice.

Present Invoice to a Customer

Once you finish your invoice, it will be immediately delivered to your customer by email. Alternatively, you can click Copy Payment Link and paste the link into a text, email or any instant messenger to send it manually.

Regardless of how your customer will get the invoice link, once she clicks it, the experience will be the same, like this. Your customer can check the itemized list, the totals and print it out for her records. The Invoice Link is permanent, so the customer can always get back to it if needed, or share the link with someone else, like her accountant.

Getting Invoice Paid

Once she is ready to make a payment, she can click Pay Now and enter her debit or credit card details, as usual.

Alternatively, if you already have the customer’s card on file, you can click the Charge Card On File button from the invoice screen to charge it immediately.

Staying On Top of Things

It is true that tracking pending invoices and making sure they are paid on time is a lot of work. Luckily, we are giving you all the tools you need to stay on top of thins and succeeding financially, without spending too much time on it.

First, your Invoicing screen clearly shows all your outstanding invoices, as well as paid ones and those in danger of being overdue, with naturally recognizable color markings:

Green for paid ones

Yellow for those approaching their due date

Red for overdue invoices which require an immediate action

Grey – pending, but not needing your attention right now

So just a brief look at your invoices can help you decide what to do next.

Now, we use the same information to communicate with your customer on your behalf. We will send friendly reminders via email or text messages when applicable, so you don’t need to worry about this yourself.

Finally, once the payment was made, you will get notified by email and text message. Even if it’s declined for some reason, you still get this information instantly and may contact the customer to help her out.

This last screenshot showcases our ultimate invoicing goal. A paid invoice, with the payment history attached and money in your bank the next business day. A job done well.

I hope you will enjoy using our new Invoicing features to make your business life a little bit easier and profitable. Thanks for reading and do let us know if you have any questions. As usual, we are standing to help in our 24×7 online chat.